Wireline Drill Rod

Description of Wireline Drill Rod:
This wireline drill rod is the equipment that connects the drilling tools and drilling bits, and it is mainly used to transmit power. It mainly consists of a tubing body and two thread ends.

The wireline drill rod features good wear resistance, optimal tensile strength capacity and good torsional property.

Concerning the packing, it is packaged by iron belts.

BQ Bundled Specifications (Steel Belt):
3.0m/10ft BQ Drill Rod (37 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.4×0.4
Volume: 0.5 m3
Gross Weight: 670 kg
BQ Bundled Specifications (Iron Frame):
3.0m/10ft BQ Drill Rod (30 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.35×0.3
Volume: 0.32 m3
Gross Weight: 550 kg
NQ Bundled Specifications (Steel Belt):
3.0m/10ft NQ Drill Rod (37 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.5×0.5
Volume: 0.75 m3
Gross Weight: 900 kg
NQ Bundled Specifications (Iron Frame):
3.0m/10ft NQ Drill Rod (25 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.38×0.39
Volume: 0.43 m3
Gross Weight: 610 kg
HQ Bundled Specifications (Steel Belt):
3.0m/10ft HQ Drill Rod (37 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.625×0.625
Volume: 1.2 m3
Gross Weight: 1300 kg
HQ Bundled Specifications (Iron Frame):
3.0m/10ft HQ Drill Rod (25 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.0×0.46×0.47
Volume: 0.65m3
Gross Weight: 890 kg

Technical Parameters of Wireline Drill Rod:

No Size Drill rod Thread type Heat Raw material Designed hole depth
OD mm ID mm treatment
1 S56 53 44 China standard   45MnMoB 1000m
2 S59 55.5 46 China standard 1000m
3 S75 71 61 China standard 1002m
4 S95 89 79 China standard 600m
5 S75A Both side were enhanced 61 Factory standard heat treatment the Thread 45MnMoB 1500m
6 S95A 79 1300m
7 CBH 44 Heat treatment the whole pipe 30CrMnSiA 2500m
8 CNH 61 2300m
9 CNH(T) 61 XJY850 3000m
10 CHH 78 30CrMnSiA 1800m
11 CSH 127 114.3 S135 3000m
12 BQ 55.6 46 DCDMA standard Heat treatment the whole pipe ZT850 2000m
13 NQ 70.5 60.5 2000m
14 HQ 89 77.8 1500m
15 PQ 114.3 103.2 ZT520 800m

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