Foot Clamp

Description of Foot Clamp:
The foot clamp, also called rod holder or rod clamp, is able to clamp every position of drill rods, and it is especially suitable for core drill rigs, and drill rods used in the geological exploration of soft soil engineering. We have two kinds of rod holder: trojan clamp and deadweight (weight) clamp.

The trojan clamp is mainly composed of eccentric seat, shaft, slips, connecting rod and crank. And the deadweight clamp is mainly made up of integral cast steel cabinet, slips, slip bowl (recess) and pedals.

We offer foot clamps in different specifications, like BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, S56, S59, S75 and S95.

Skidding will not happen when turning torque. It is simple in structure and convenient in dismantlement.

Export-standard plywood boxes are used in the packaging of foot clamps that will be exported. For those clamps not to export, we will pack them in accordance with specific requirements of customers.

Wuxi Huaxin Petroleum Machine Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of foot clamp in China. Besides foot clamp, we still supply clients worldwide with circle wrench, diamond circle wrench, inner tube circle wrench, casing tube circle wrench, and so on. Both ISO9001: 2000 and API 5DP certificates are available for our products, and our products have been quite popular among clients from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc. Besides, OEM service is also available. If you need foot clamp, please contact us freely.