Geological Drill Rod

Description of Geological Drill Rod:
This kind of geological drill rod is especially suitable for the geological, hydrological, coalfield, geothermal and engineering drilling. We provide three kinds of geological drill rods in different diameters for customers around the globe: Φ42, Φ50, and Φ60.

It is mainly comprised of rod body and joint. And all of its raw materials have ISO9001: 2000 certificates. And it is cost-effective and wear resistant, and its service life is quite long.  

Regarding its packing, there are two different ways: first, it can be bundled by iron belt. There are 37 per bundle, and each bundle is packed by 5 iron belts. Second, it can be packed by slotted steel framing. There are 30 to 50 per bundle, and each bundle need one frame.


1.Thread oil should be used when screwing the drill rod and hammer knocking should be prohibited.
2.The drill rod stand should have buffer materials, like wood, rubber, and more. The contact between the threaded ends and iron tools should be forbidden.
3.During the relocation of drill rod, the thread protector should be screwed on the threaded parts so as to protect it from damages.


Technical Parameters of Geological Drill Rod:

No Size Drill rod Thread type Raw material
OD mm ID mm
1 AW 44.5 34.1 DCDMA Standard 45MnMoB R780
2 BW 54 44.5
3 NW 67 57
4 HW 89 77.8
5 Φ42 42 32 China GB standard R780
6 Φ50 50 39 R780
7 Φ60 60 48 R780


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