Casing Tube

Description of Casing Tube:
This kind of casing tube is able to stabilize the borehole during the drilling process. It has two different functions: firstly, it can help to prevent the well walls from collapsing, as well as to control the formation fluids. Secondly, it enables both well control equipment and downhole equipment to more easily achieve their functions.

Besides, it suits a wide variety of well diameters as well as different material grades. It is resistant to chemical erosion, and it can withstand various external forces, like collision, bursting, tensile strength, etc.

The specifications of the casing tubes vary according to different drilling technologies. And the connection mode can be self-connection as well as connected through joints. The materials of drill pipe are generally above the DZ50 level. 

Regarding the packaging, slotted steel framing is utilized. There are 30 to 40 tubes per bundle, and each bundle need one frame.


1.During the operation process, workers need to check whether there are any damages at the tread connection point of the casing tubes. If there are any damages, please replace it immediately so as to avoid tripping when using this casing tube.
2.Suitable casing tube is always required, which can prevent it from being hit or friction.
3.When connecting the casing tubes, thread oil is quite necessary.


Technical Parameters of Casing Tube:

No ITEM Specification Thread type Single-piece weight (kg/m)
    OD ID
1 Φ73 73.5 65.5 China-standarded strip connectors 7
2 Φ89 89 81 9.4
3 Φ108 108.5 99.5 12
4 Φ127 127.5 118 14
5 Φ146 146.5 137 18
6 Φ168 168 154 28
  Φ178 178 164 30
7 Φ194 194 181 33


Description OD OD  Weight
AW 3.0m(10') CASING 57.10(mm)
17 (kg/3m)
AW 1.5m(5') CASING
BW 3.0m(10') CASING 73.00(mm)
2.88 (in)
70 ( Ib/10ft)
BW 1.5m(5') CASING
NW 3.0m(10') CASING 88.90(mm) 3.5(in) 76.20(mm) 3.00 (in) 38.4(kg/3m) 86(lb/10ft)
NW 1.5m(5') CASING
NW 1.0m(2') CASING
HW 3.0m(10') CASING 114.30(mm) 4.50(in) 101.60(mm) 4.00 (in) 52.20(kg/3m)  117.00(lb/10ft)
HW 1.5m(5') CASING
HW 1.0m(2') CASING
HWT 3.0m(10') CASING 114.30(mm) 4.50(in) 101.60(mm) 4.00 (in) 52.20(kg/3m)  117.00(lb/10ft)
HWT 1.5m(5') CASING
HWT 1.0m(2') CASING
PW 3.0m(10') CASING 139.70(mm) 5.50(in) 127.00(mm) 5.00 (in) 64.30 (kg/3m) 144.00(lb/10ft)
PW 1.5m(5') CASING
PW 1.0m (2') CASING


1. AW Bundled Specifications:
3.0m/10ft Casing Bundle (40 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.2×0.47×0.43
Volume: 0.51 m3
Gross Weight: 795kg
2. BW Bundled Specifications
3.0m/10ft Casing Bundle (25 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.2×0.4×0.4
Volume: 0.60 m3
Gross Weight: 800 kg
3. NW Bundled Specifications
3.0m/10ft Casing Bundle (25 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.2×0.46×0.5
Volume: 0.74 m3
Gross Weight: 980kg
4. HW Bundled Specifications
3.0m/10ft Casing Bundle (20 Pieces)
Dimensions (L×W×H): 3.2×0.59×0.49
Volume: 0.93 m3
Gross Weight: 1070 kg


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