Broad Band Frequency Long Period Four Channel 0BS

Main Technical Specifications:

Broad Band Frequency(120s-50Hz);
Standard Frequency(60s-50Hz;30s-lOOHz);
Part of 120s and 60s 0BS is double ball or four ball;
structure to meet the demand of the inbuilt geophone space and sea power.

OBS Size:600×600×700 mm;
Sink size with dead weight:900×900×1000mm;
Operating depth(Max):6000m、9000m、12000m three types;
Channels:Four(3 aixs geophone,1 channel hydrophone);
Working time:10-15 months;
Max recycling time:24 month;
Geophone frequency:60s~50 Hz,Capacitive energy seismometer;120 s、60s&30s~50Hz is optional;
Geophone power consumption:0.15 W;
Hydrophone frequency:O.01-5KHz 2-30KHz;
Dynamic range:>120dB;
Overall Power Consumption:O.25W;
Sample rate:250,100,50 sps;
Inbuilt high precision clock:OCXO,0.01 PPM@4oC;
Storage:32 GB;
OBS statement setting:Wifi interface;
Data transmission:USB2.0 Standard;
OBS Base weight:90 kg(not include dead weight);
Dead weight:25kg;