OBEM Standard Broad Band Integrated Electromagnetic Meter

OBEM is a marine geophysical survey and exploration device which used fo r record and recive the seaoceanelectromagnetic field signal,couldbe classified to OBE,OBM,OBEM three types according to the load Sensor.
The device is a new high technology marine seismic survey,have been widely used or marine survey,marine resources exploration,submarine structure research,disaster prevention and mitigation.It has been one of the key devices fo rmarine geophysical exploration,and a new b right spot and growth point for marine geophysical exploration.



Main Technical Specifications:

OBS Size:600×600×700 mm;
Sink size with dead weight:900×900×1000 mm;
Electrode arm length:5 m;
Operating depth(Max):6000 m;
Channel:5(Magnetic 3 channels,electric 2 channels);
Maxworking time:2 months;
Max recycling time:Four months;
Frequency of Magnetic sensor:DC~500 Hz;
Sound of Magnetic sensor:6pT/sqrt(Hz)@1Hz;
Measuring range of Magnetic sensor:±100μT;
Voltage Sound:1nV/sqrt(Hz)@1Hz;
Electrode type:AgCl;
Dynamic range:>120dB;
Overall Power Consumption:O.25 W;
Samplerate:1000,500,250,100 sps;
Inbuilt high precision clock:OCXO,O.01 PPM@40C
Storage:32 GB;
OBS statement setting:Wifi interface;
Data transmission:USB2.0 Standard;
OBS Base weight:55kg(not include dead weight);
Dead weight:25 kg;