YSX-15T MWD Survey System

The MWD survey system manufactured by our company is firstly use the uphole power supply technology in the world to avoid pulling out drilling gears due to conventional downhole battery power supply. This technology also reduce the auxiliary time, improve the efficacy and even save almost ¥200,000.00 battery cost for each rig a year. Compared with the voltage transfer, the carrier-current signal transmission of tube can defend interference more powerfully and achieve longer transmission distance. The MWD system and the uphole unit is reliable, with stable signal transmission and precise measurement. And it can improve the drilling efficiency and ensure the accurate control of the drilling target with this high precision of the MWD system. The uphole unit is mine explosion - proof intrinsically safe computer with mine explosion - proof intrinsically safe keyboard, USB 2.0, Microsoft Windows 7 64 - bit operating system and push/pull tight type USB connector. The measurement information should include the hole depth, azimuth, declination, tilt angle, tool face, left and right deviation, up and down deviation, the date and the time. And all of these information would be displayed and exported in real time.