Spiral groove directional drill rods

Our company’s spiral groove directional drill rods is necessary for the MWD . The drill rods is used for signal and power transmission .Now it is used to match with VLD-1000 drilling system.

Our drill rod consists of drill pipe and Mecca Inserts. At both ends of the pipe, there are screwed joints. Outside the pipe is spiral groove. The pipe shaped one-time. The Mecca Inserts is used for signal transmission, which is quick and accurate.

The screwed joints are Pin and Box. The thread can connect the rods quickly. It has good bending resistance, torsional strength and strength of extension. At the same time, it has good leak-proofness.

The milling process of the spiral groove is completed one-time. Drill pipe can reduce drag when pushing/pulling. When meeting the sticking accidents, the spiral groove can crush the coal into pieces. At the same time, it can clean the drilling hole. It works effectively on the sticking accidents.


Technical Specification:




Main technical parameters of spiral groove directional drill pipe:


Outer diameter:


Wall thickness:


Inner diameter:


Groove width:35mm,Groove depth:


Spiral taper:


Thread connection torsional strength greater than 11000 N•M

Tool joint hardness:


Thread surface hardness:


Stable signal transmission distance:


Tensile strength of pipe body:


Single drill resistance inner core: ≤0.02
Drill pipe weight: ≤42Kg
Processing technology and heat treatment requirements:friction welding, the male connector, nitride box phosphating, double helix.