EPS Portable Digital Seismometer

Main Technical Specifications:


Weight:3 kg;
Color:yellow/red to choose;
Channel:3 aixs geophone;
Working time:>20 days;
Geophone frequency:0.2 Hz~150 Hz;
Dynamic range:>120 dB;
Amplitude consistency between Channels:﹤5%;
Phase difference between channels:﹤0.1ms;
Crosstalk suppression between channels:>100db;
lateral vibration suppression:better than 0.1%;
Self noise:all the frequency is below NHNM curve,5s~1Hz below NHNM curve;
Overall Power Consumption:O.2w;
External power:5V~12V,chargeable;
Samplerate:1000,500,250,100,50 sps;
Inbuilt high precision clock:OCXO,O.05 PPM@40C;
Storage:32GB(the storage can extend to 64GB);
Data format:MiniSEED(could change to SAC fo rmat);
EPS statement setting:Bluetooth、USB and RS232 port;
Data transmission:Universal Serial USB2.O;



Optional function:

1,Wireless standard:2G 3G 4G Bluetooth WIFI ZIGBEE wireless bridge;
2.Remote and inter-station communication:2G,3G,4G public network ZIGBEE Wireless bridge network;
3.The scene PDA controI mode:WIFI Bluetooth;
4,Remote control:Yes;
5.No pile construction ID read:RFID;
6,Data remote control:support cloud service system.