CZS Integrate Broadbnd Digital Seismometer

Main Technical Specifications:


Frequency Width:CZS-I-2(0.1Hz~150Hz)、CZS-I(0.05Hz~lOOHz)、CZS-1-Ⅱ(0.03Hz~100Hz)、CZS-Ⅲ(0.0167HZ~80HZ);
Self noise:all the frequency is below NHNM Curye,lOs~10Hz below NHNM curve;
Overall sensitivity:1.1e+9 Cnt/m/s;
Time stability:5×107s:
Amplitude consistency between Channels:﹤5%;
Phase difference between channels:﹤0.1ms;
lateral vibration suppression:better than﹤0.1%;
Overall Power Consumption:
Auto store working mode<400mW@100sps;
Zigbee working mode<700mW@100sps;
Ethernet working mode<800mW@100sps;
Sample frequency:50,100,250,500sps selectable;
Crosstalk suppression between channels:>100db;
External power:9V-15V,single power(chargeable);
Operating temperature:-20~+550C;
Autowo rkingtime:>30 days:;
Dynamical range:>120dB;
Storage:32GB(SD card is pluggable,the storage canextend to 64GB or bigger SD card);
Data fo rmat:MSD(Could change to SAC etc format);
Interface:Ethernet port,Zigbee,Wifi,USB and RS232 interface,with net to realize Wireless controI and data transfer;
Waterp roof:≥1 meters;
Weight(include inbuilt 80Ah lithium battery):about 9Kg.