CDJ-S1/Z1/P1 1HZ Geophone Series

It is used for deep seismic survey and advanced P rediction,natu ral ea rthquake prediction monitoring and pulsant microseism measu rement of bridge,dam,road and others as well as safety monitoring.

High consistency in parameters,secure structu re,good wate rp roof sealing,sepa rate output of each component signal,high sensibility,low disto rtion,reasonable damping coefficient and high resolution;be able to meet technical requirements for multi-component seismic data collection.
In conjunction with related instruments,this product series has been extensively used in the artificial seismic exploration for seismogenic structu re in the earthquake dangerous zone in southeaste rn part of Gansu province,China and in the exploration fo r active fault in Xi’an city as well as in the exploration for the refined structure of lithosphere in the orogenic zone ofYin mountain and for the deep dynamic process.This product series also has been extensively used in national key projects.Such as 863,305,973 and othe rs,obtaining usefuI data information for China’searthquake monitoring.